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A Self-Love Practice

By Zen Ed Wellness InSight

FRI FEB 04, 2022

February: The Month to Create A Self-Love Practice

 For many people February, the month of Valentine’s Day, feels like another commercial holiday to buy items for your romantic partner or pine away at the thought of having a significant other.  We see the build up to the day of love in romantic comedies or Hallmark specials. But what if we expand that narrow definition of what February love means to include self-love and all types of love? 

What if we took this month to figure out what we need in order to practice self-love through nurturing ourselves a bit more?  It has been said that we need to first take care of ourselves in order to be able to take care of others. While certain activities such as getting a massage or taking a vacation may feel lovely if you are lucky enough to be able to treat yourself, I encourage you to ask yourself what you can do on a daily basis to nourish yourself. Consider a few ideas that could be done for a short time each day for 2-10 minutes to help create a self-love practice.  

  • Journaling
  • Meditation or Breathwork
  • Movement: Walking, practicing yoga/stretching, exercising
  • Gazing at the sunrise or sunset 
  • Creating art, doodling, coloring
  • Reading
  • Taking a short break from all screens
  • Lighting a candle
  • Appreciating a shower or bath
  • Mindfully eating a piece of fruit
  • Soaking in nature

While these are small acts, they can help create a frame of mind that focuses on nurturing oneself when practiced consistently over time. 

Given the February theme, I’d like to share one of my favorite meditations.  Metta or Loving Kindness meditation. See the link below to give it a try.  This version is 13 minutes long. There are many versions of Loving Kindness meditations out here.  For me, this meditation encapsulates the month of February and love. In this meditation we first offer loving kindness to ourselves, a loved one, an acquaintance, someone we have conflict with, and all beings. We offer love for the sake of being loving. I offer this closing to you from Metta meditation and encourage you to give it a try along with 1 of the suggested ideas above or create your own self-love practice.

May you happy 

May you be well

May you be comfortable

And at peace

Loving Kindness Meditation to Develop Mindfulness and Compassion - YouTube

With Wellness Insight,