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Setting an Intention from the heart

By Zen Ed Wellness InSight

SUN JAN 16, 2022

"Setting your intention is like drawing an arrow from the quiver of your heart." - Bruce Black

The turning of the calendar to a new month, and to a new year, often inspires us to set goals. Personally, I have not been successful at keeping resolutions I may set in January for more than a few months. Lately, I wonder if this is because these resolutions come from the mind, and not the heart. Have these goals incorporated who I want to be, or are they a reflection of what I think I should do? In working to set goals this year, I came across the helpful distinction between making resolutions, and creating intentions.

A resolution is, more or less, a statement to change something you want to fix about yourself or your lifestyle (I want to lose 10 pounds, I need to save more money, etc...) As a result, resolutions tend to inspire negative thoughts about your current situation.

On the other hand, an intention is more focused on creating abundance in your life. An intention does not imply something is wrong with the way you currently live, but instead, it motivates you to live even better. I like to think of an intention as the way I may work toward a goal. While a resolution may be what you want to DO, an intention describes how you want to BE.

So, how do I want to be? What speaks to my heart and my mind?

Check out the following list of questions as you consider intentions for yourself. Take a moment, allow the body and mind to be still, and see what lands with you:

  • What matters most to me?
  • What am I looking to build or nurture in order to make my life better?
  • What am I looking to let go of?
  • Who do I want to forgive?
  • What am I most grateful for in my life?
  • What do I want to feel more of in my daily life?
  • What do I want to feel when I wake up in the morning?
  • What do I want to feel when I go to sleep at night?
  • What do I want to be more of to my family / friends / co-workers / social circles?
  • What do I need to feel so that I can BE more?
  • What do I need to be my truest, authentic self?

I find it helpful to create a mantra or phrase around my intention, and then repeat it often. Writing it down is also helpful. Try stating your intention in the present tense, so it can feel real to you right now.

This year, I am extending grace to myself and others. This year, I am being open and curious about what might be coming my way.

May you find an intention that comes from the heart, and brings you closer to wellness!

With Wellness In Sight,