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Zen Ed Coaching 


My name is Nisa Giaquinto and I am passionate about helping women explore and design their best lives through women’s empowerment coaching.  With a master’s in psychology and training in yoga, I have a passion for the intersection of movement (both physical and emotional) and positive psychology.  I collaborate with clients to explore their capacity to find their joy.

    Trained as a wellness coach through the Mayo Clinic, I utilize a style of coaching that is strengths-based and elicits women’s own motivation for change.  


    Experiencing a life transition? I collaborate with women 18 to 108 to navigate the numerous life transitions they experience and to create a life by their own design. 


    Seeing women grow, create positive change, and explore what brings them joy fills my cup as a coach.  


    Here are a few things that bring me joy that I have designed to be a part of my life: 

    • Movement including yoga, walking/hiking, biking, and dance

    • Nature 

    • Campfires

    • Art

    • Reading & Learning

    • Family/Friends/My Cat

    • Tea

    • Japanese Gardens & National Parks

    • Star Gazing

    • Savoring the moment


    I would love to help you explore what brings you joy and feel fully alive by creating your own life by design!


    Sign up for one of our signature programs: 
    Unravel and Re-Imagine:  4-8 week program (you decide what fits your needs!)  designed to help you break free from old habits and patterns and re-imagine the life you want to have. ($300-$575) 


    Women’s Empowerment/Changemakers: 4-8 week program designed to help you uncover your strengths and put them into action in creating change at the individual, family, work, or community level. ($300-$575)


    Or create your own program: 

    Wellness Plan:  Wondering how to create a wellness plan, or ignite joy in your life?   I’ll help you along your wellness journey- let’s discover together what your path to happiness is! (Fee varies)


    Working alongside Sarah at ZenEd, I am honored to help create collective wellness through workplace programs, community workshops, and nature walks.  


    Through coaching, I am touched by the opportunity to work alongside women in creating a better world.    Contact me today at  to schedule a free consult call. 


    Let's connect!


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