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Zen Ed is a wellness and education agency with a passion for supporting Changemakers in creating a better world. Changemakers are individuals and groups working in their families, neighborhoods, and communities to affect change and create positive impacts.   With expertise in social and environmental justice, we provide individual sessions, group workshops, school programming and retreats.  


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About Us

Supporting Changemakers in Creating a Better World 

Nisa Giaquinto, MA and Sarah Dimick, MS

Sarah and Nisa are both psychologists and certified yoga teachers with over 30 combined years of experience in education.  Our desire to support people and the causes that we are passionate about, including social and environmental justice, women's leadership, and youth development, led us to create Zen Ed.  With Zen Ed, we are able to bring our experiences in wellness and education to individuals and groups who are working to create a better world.  Our signature programs include If Women Ran the World workshops, and Creating Teen Changemakers,  and we can customize a wellness retreat specific to your employees, advocacy groups and schools.  Also offering wellness coaching and yoga workshops both virtually and in person.  

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Client Testimonials

Straight From the Source

"The tone, atmosphere and intention set by Sarah and Nisa made each hike extremely enjoyable." 

-Banks Sisters 

"Sarah and Nisa are compassionate, driven, and incredibly knowledgeable.  When you attend a Zen Ed event, you leave feeling inspired and valued."

- Sarah B

Nisa was flexible with our needs and able to connect with youth of all ages.  The kids had fun and want more programming!

- Director of programming


Madison, WI, USA

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